How to get mounts in Anime Fighters Simulator

In Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator you are collecting well-known fighters from a variety of popular anime. You can power them up by fighting with them or fusing champions that you are not using with the ones you want to use. The game has you traveling to distant worlds to face off against strong enemies, and to help you get around you can now obtain mounts that will speed up your travels. We’ll take a look at how you can get these in this guide.

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Collecting Mounts

To get mounts in Anime Fighters Simulator, you will need to complete a set of quests for one of the worlds in the game. When you enter a world, you will see an NPC with a question mark over their head. Talk to them to start on the set of quests that you need to complete. There will be five quests, you will just need to slay progressively harder enemies until you’ve completed the island.

For example, on the first land you visit, Noomek, you will talk to Bumba who will give you the first quest. You will need to complete all of the quests she gives you, and once you’ve completed the final one you will receive a mount! Each land that you open up and explore will have a quest giver like this and you will need to complete the quests to get that mount.

Anime Fighters Simulator Quest Giver ImageAnime Fighters Simulator Quest Giver Image

There are currently nine mounts in the game, each one can be obtained from that particular anime’s world. You will need to use Yen to purchase your way to the next map. The higher the level the area, the higher the speed will be of the mount.

  • DBZ Mount (Noomek) – 24 Speed
  • Shuriken (Secret Village) – 25 Speed
  • Heart Attack (Bizarre Town) – 26 Speed
  • Sand Pile (Orange Line) – 27 Speed
  • Cloud (Hero Academy) – 28 Speed
  • Giant Hide (Walled City) – 29 Speed
  • Metal Beast (Slayer Corps) – 30 Speed
  • Ghoul Rock (Ghoul City) – 31 Speed
  • Skateboard (Chimera Island) – 32 Speed
  • Tome of Knowledge – 33 Speed
  • Bat Wings – 34 Speed
  • Fatality – 35 Speed

That’s everything you need to know about getting mounts in Anime Fighters Simulator. Be sure to check out the Anime Fighters Simulator section of our site to learn more about the game!

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