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How to get more Deeds & Residents in Dinkum

Dinkum is the newest farming and crafting game on Steam. In this down-under adventure, players can join up with their friends to explore a world based on the Australian outback. While the game may be a relaxing journey, building your town in the bush can be hard if you’re not prepared. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get more deeds for your residents in Dinkum.

Buying Deeds in Dinkum

Deeds are what allow you to build homes for your residents in Dinkum. These little documents assign a plot of land to your new residents, allowing you to build a new house or shop in that area and attain a permanent resident on your island. Deeds can be purchased from Fletch just like any license.

Before you can buy deeds, you’ll need to convince someone to stay on your island. To do this, you need to finish tasks for them and fill up their heart meter.

Favors are how you fill the heart meter of your guests. Each favor, which is like a quest without a reward, fills about a quarter of a heart meter. Be careful, as failing a favor can reduce your heart meter and make it even harder to convince your guest to stay on the island. Favors can be anything from getting a certain item for someone to buying something from their store.

Once you’ve done enough favors for someone and filled their heart meter, they will agree to stay on your island. After this, simply approach Fletch and purchase a deed from her, and you’ll be able to add your guest to your island permanently.

That’s everything you need to know about deeds in Dinkum! If you liked this guide and want to see more, leave a comment below and check out our other Dinkum guides.

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