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How to get Maple Sap in Roblox Islands

Roblox Islands has released the Maple Isle update on November 27th, 2021! You will now be able to make yourself some syrup and slather it on some pancakes! Before you can do that though, you will need to harvest yourself some Maple Sap. If you aren’t sure how, we’ll show you how to do it in this guide!

Maple Sap Guide

To get Maple Sap in Roblox Islands, you will need to head to the Maple Isle and talk to Maple Baker Bailey to get the Maple Workbench. Bring that back to your island and place it somewhere. Use the bench to craft a few Tree Taps. Place Tree Taps on Maple Trees around your base. After a short period of time, you should be able to harvest the tree and get Maple Sap!

You will find the portal for Maple Isles in the main hub area of Islands. Just head to the left side and look for the large glass bottles that are filled with syrup and have maple leaves on them.

Islands Maple Sap001 ImageIslands Maple Sap001 Image

Once you go through the portal, talk to Maple Baker Bailey. She will start you on a questline and give you the Maple Workbench.

Islands Maple Sap002 ImageIslands Maple Sap002 Image

Travel back to your island and place the Maple Workbench somewhere you can access it. Interact with it and select the Tree Tap. You can craft one of these for 35 Iron. You will want to make at least a few of these, because you’re going to need quite a bit of sap for future quests.

Islands Maple Sap003 ImageIslands Maple Sap003 Image

Place the Tree Taps in your toolbar and select them. Head over to a Maple Tree on your island (plant one if you don’t have any), and place the Tree Tap on to the side of it. After a brief period of time, it will eventually be able to be harvested. You will receive some Maple Sap for your troubles once you interact with the tree!

Islands Maple Sap004 ImageIslands Maple Sap004 Image

That’s everything we know about getting the Maple Sap in Roblox Islands. We have more coverage on the game in the Islands section of our website.

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