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How to get Lucki Dominus in Pet Simulator X

Roblox Pet Simulator X is one of the biggest games on the platform, so when they release a new update people are clamoring to try out the new content! With new additions to the game, comes many questions on how things work. If you want to know how to get the Lucki Dominus pet in the game, we’ll tell you how to do it in this guide.

Where to find a Lucki Dominus Pet

To get the Lucki Dominus pet, all you need to do is break open any Lucky Block on the map to have a chance at it. Each time you break a Lucky Block, you have a rare chance to open up an egg from that World. There is a small chance you will receive a Lucki Dominus pet when this egg is hatched!

It doesn’t matter the size or color of the Lucky Block you destroy, you will always have a chance to obtain a Lucki Dominus from one. However, where you break the Lucky Block will determine the type of egg you hatch. So if you need pets from a certain world, you should make sure to break the Lucky Blocks from that area.

Pet Sim X Rainbow Lucky Block ImagePet Sim X Rainbow Lucky Block Image

While the chance is low that you will get a Lucki Dominus, it isn’t an impossible level of rarity. You will eventually get one if you keep cracking them open, and it shouldn’t take you multiple hours. They are reasonably obtainable, so keep trying and you should get one!

That’s all you need to know about getting the Lucki Dominus in the game! You can check out more information on the game in the Pet Simulator X portion of our website.

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