How to get Honey in Wacky Wizards (Honeycomb)

If you’re trying out the new Wacky Wednesday update then you’re no doubt wondering where you can get the new Honey ingredient that will have you crafting some new potions. We’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do to get the Honey, so that you can prove to the Queen Bee that you’ve got what it takes to be a bee!

Honey Guide

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To get the Honey ingredient in Wacky Wizards, you will need to go and grab the sleepy bee out of the beehive in the forest. Put that in your cauldron to make the bee transformation potion. Drink that and turn to turn into a bee. Now, fly to the big tree and look for the hole with the sign that says bee only. Fly up through the tree and talk to the Queen Bee. Now, go out and fly through each of the five flowers listed on the wall one at a time. Fly into each hole to add the pollen, and once you’ve done them all you will receive the honey ingredient!

  1. Get the Sleepy Bee

    Go to the small tree with a beehive next to the huge tree and grab the sleepy bee out of the hive. Teleport back to your cauldron, throw the sleepy bee into the pot, and drink the potion. This will turn you into a bee!Wacky Wizards Sleepy Bee ImageWacky Wizards Sleepy Bee Image

  2. Fly into the Big Tree

    Fly over to the huge tree and look for the hole with the sign that says bees only. Fly inside the hole and then fly up into the tree to talk to the Queen Bee. Turn around and look to the wall, you will see honeycomb with different flowers on it. You need to fly through each of these flowers, one at a time, and fly into the slot to delivery the pollen. Make sure you see a yellow trail when you leave the flower, that means you have pollen on you!Wacky Wizards Bee Flowers ImageWacky Wizards Bee Flowers Image

  3. Cactus Flower Location

    The cactus flower is located in the desert on a cactus. Fly to the flower, and then fly back to the tree and delivery the pollen to the Cactus Flower hole.Wacky Wizards Cactus Flower ImageWacky Wizards Cactus Flower Image

  4. Sunflower Location

    Fly over to Oz’s cave, which is right behind the big tree. You will find the sunflower on the roof of Oz the Wizard’s house. Fly through the flower, and return to the tree.Wacky Wizards Sunflower ImageWacky Wizards Sunflower Image

  5. Lava Flower Location

    Head over to the volcano and fly up where it is smoking. Look down and you should see some lava and a bright red flower. Fly through that flower and bring it back to the hive.Wacky Wizards Lava Flower ImageWacky Wizards Lava Flower Image

  6. Field Daisy Location

    You will find a lot of Field Daisy flowers right in the forest area and right outside of the big tree. Fly through one of them and bring back the pollen.Wacky Wizards Field Daisy ImageWacky Wizards Field Daisy Image

  7. Water Lily

    Fly over to the waterfall area, and you will see a pink flower floating on the water. This is the Water Lily, and all you need to do is fly through it and bring back that pollen!Wacky Wizards Water Lily ImageWacky Wizards Water Lily Image

  8. Get Honey

    Once you’ve brought back the final bit of pollen, you will see the Honey ingredient has spawned beneath the holes where you delivered the pollen. Just grab it and teleport back to your cauldron. Throw it in the pot and you should now have the Honey ingredient!Wacky Wizards Honey Ingredient ImageWacky Wizards Honey Ingredient Image

That’s everything we currently know about getting the Honey ingredient in Wacky Wizards! We will be covering all aspects of this new addition to the game, so be sure to check out the Wacky Wizards section of our website.

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