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How to get hardwood in Dinkum

Dinkum is the newest farming and crafting game on Steam. In this down-under adventure, players can join up with their friends to explore a world based on the Australian outback. While the game may be a relaxing journey, building your town in the bush can be hard if you’re not prepared. If you’re looking to get hardwood, this guide has the information you need.

Getting hardwood in Dinkum

Getting hardwood in Dinkum is required to progress into the more advanced buildings available. There are a few methods for getting hardwood in Dinkum, both of which will yield the resource.

First, you can chop down the darker-wood trees to yield hardwood. Before you can do this, you’ll need a copper Axe. To unlock the copper axe, you will first need a level 2 logging license, which you will get at foraging level 10. There’s no other way to chop these trees down before the copper axe.

You can also get hardwood by chopping down bottle trees. Bottle trees are the trees with fat lower parts and skinny tops, which resemble bottles. When you chop these trees down, you can process the logs in the table saw to create hardwood planks. This is a way to get the resources a little bit earlier.

That’s all you need to know to get hardwood in Dinkum! If you liked this guide and want to see more, leave a comment below and check out our other Dinkum guides.

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