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How to get Dabry’s Sturgeon in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an anime, sci-fi adventure game with an open-world RPG that takes place on the planet of Aida published by Level Infinite and developed by Hotta Studio. The game includes craftable food items that have positive effects on players who consume them, which are useful in battles. If you need help on how to get Dabry’s Sturgeon in Tower of Fantasy, we have a detailed guide on how to obtain this ingredient!

How to get Dabry’s Sturgeon

To get Dabry’s Sturgeon, it can be found in rivers in Astra, Navia, and Warren Snowfield. Unfortunately, you will have to farm/gather this ingredient as it is not available for purchase at any vendor. Dabry’s Sturgeon is described as, “Sturgeon living in shallow waters. Small in size, great for braising or stew” in the game.

Ingredients like this Dabry’s Sturgeon are used in different recipes that create consumable food items that typically have beneficial buffs and effects of limited duration.

That wraps up our guide on how to get Dabry’s Sturgeon in Tower of Fantasy. Tower of Fantasy is free-to-play and available through Steam. Don’t forget to check out all of our Tower of Fantasy coverage!

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