How to get Chronos in Doodle World

Roblox Doodle World is very similar to the well-known franchise Pokemon. In the game, you will collect Doodles, who you can send into battle. You will earn experience when you fight and win, which will then level up your Doodles. Your goal is to become the most powerful Doodle trainer in the world! If you want to become the best, you will need to get yourself the most powerful Doodles. One of those is Chronos, we’ll tell you how to get them in this guide.

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How to Get Chronos

The only currently known way to get Chronos in Doodle World right now is to obtain it via the in-game Roulette Wheel. This requires you to pay 300 Gems per spin, and to hope to get lucky and land on the Doodle.

The Roulette Wheel can be found in the in-game menu under Special Shop. It will not always have Chronos on it, so you might need to wait for the set of Doodles to change. You get three free daily set changes, so use those up if you’re looking for something specific! Each time you spin the wheel you have a 10% chance of obtaining the Chronos as long as it is part of the set.

You can also spin the wheel three times to rotate the set. This can be a good and a bad thing. It will get you new Doodles, but you don’t want it to change if there’s one you want in the current set!

Doodle World Roulette Wheel ImageDoodle World Roulette Wheel Image

Alternatively, you can guarantee the Chronos by paying 1,000 Robux, which will give you all the Doodles in the current set!

Gems can be obtained in multiple different ways, but they are mainly considered a premium currency. That means for the most part, you will have to get them with Robux.

That’s everything you know on how to get Chronos in Roblox Doodle World. You can find more great content for the platform in the Roblox section of our website.

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