How to get Christmas Sweets in Dying Light 2 Winter Tales Event

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is an action-based, roleplaying game and is the sequel to the original Dying Light. It’s available across multiple platforms and was released in 2022 and will continue to expand with DLC over the next several years. For the holiday season, the Winter Tales event kicked off December 22nd and will end January 5th. If you need help on how to get Christmas Sweets in Dying Light 2’s Winter Tales event, we have you covered!

How to get Christmas Sweets

To get Christmas Sweets, you will have to kill Uncle Snows (festive Cold-Blooded Infected) and then you can loot Christmas Sweets that the giant, ice crystalized monsters carry on them. You can also kill Naughty Helpers, which you’ll find crowded on streets (they are wearing elf and Santa hats). These will be part of the bounties issued by Baka. Christmas Sweets can be used to exchange for exclusive festive items with Baka at the Bazaar (found inside the Church of the Holy Trinity).

These rewards include two different hats (Elf Hat and Scrooge Hat) as well as masks (Ice Crown Mask, Reindeer Mask, and one more that hasn’t yet been revealed).

We hope this helped you figure out how to get Christmas Sweets in Dying Light 2’s new Winter Tales Event and made it easier for you to obtain this season’s rewards! Check out all of our Dying 2 coverage.

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