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How to get a Stand in A Universal Time (AUT)

Getting a Stand in Roblox A Universal Time is an important aspect of the game because it will allow you to use powerful abilities! A Stand is generally a being that will fight by your side and is a visual manifestation of your life energy! Depending on the user of the Stand, it will be determined whether or not it is good or evil. If you want to collect your own Stand, we will walk you through the process in this guide.

To get some evolved Stands and Forms, be sure to check out our A Universal Time Wiki for guides!

AUT Stand Guide

To get a Stand in A Universal Time, you will need to head to the beach and mountain area. Every five minutes or so, a meteor will fall from the sky and land on the ground in these locations. If you approach the meteor, you can interact with it, and you will be given an Arrow, which is the first basic Stand you will get!

You have a random chance to get one of the basic Stands from the Arrow when you use it: Crazy Diamond, Anubis, Hierophant Green, Gold Experience, Whitesnake, Sticky Fingers, Shadow DIO, Star Platinum, King Crimson, Killer Queen, and Silver Chariot. You can also purchase an Arrow from the Shop for 1,500 UC.

Aut Meteor Location ImageAut Meteor Location Image

There are a variety of other ways to get Stands. One way to do it is to run around the map looking for Chests. You can find them in the Park, Coliseum, and other places on the map! You can try heading to someone’s AUT Private Server, so you don’t have to fight with other people for the chests.

Aut Chest Location ImageAut Chest Location Image

Another way to get Stands is to trade with players. You can hope that they will give one to you, but they might also want another Stand, money, or an item. To trade, you need to use the command “!trade USERNAME”, where the USERNAME is the name of the player that you want to trade with!

Aut Trading ImageAut Trading Image

Store Your Stands

If you have a Stand you want to save, then you can go to the middle of the map and talk to the Ability Storage NPC. You start with six slots to save Stands and you can purchase more with Robux! This is the best way to hold onto things you might use in the future, while being able to grab other Stands.

Aut Stand Storage ImageAut Stand Storage Image

Reset Your Stand

If you get a Stand you don’t want or you already have, you can get rid of it by talking to the Ability Resetter NPC. They can be found on the border of the park, and pretty close to the Ability Storage NPC. The Stand will be gone for good if you use this method, you will have to go earn it again if you want it!

Aut Stand Reset ImageAut Stand Reset Image

That’s everything we know about getting a Stand in Roblox A Universal Time right now. We have more coverage of the game in the A Universal Time section of our website!

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