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How to get a Diamond & Double Platinum Record in BitLife

If your dream in life is to hit the top of the charts with an album or single then take the easier way to do it by heading into BitLife and recording a diamond or platinum record! You can kick off a promising career in the music game by recording singles, albums, and doing tours. There’s a lot to do as a musician, and BitLife will let you get a taste of it. If you’re looking to go diamond and platinum in the game, we’ll guide you through the process step-by-step!

BitLife Platinum & Diamond Record Guide

Time needed: 15 minutes.

To go diamond or double platinum in BitLife, you will need to level up your singing or instrument skill and become a musician. Once you’ve become a professional, you can start producing albums and singles. If you or your band is popular enough, you will eventually drop a double platinum or diamond record.

  1. Start a character

    If you have God Mode, then crank all your stats to 100 and make your Special Talent Music. If not, you’ll want to roll someone with good looks, but it isn’t a requirement. This just helps you make easier money when you’ve got fame.

  2. Age up

    Start aging up until you are six years old. If you want to be in a band, then from here you can start training an instrument from the Mind & Body tab under Activities. If you want to be a singer or rapper, you will need to age up to eight years old to take voice lessons under the same menu. Singing is the easiest path, so I recommend going for that if you don’t want to struggle. Your parents might thwart your music career, if so, you can close out of the application and try again. You can also just start another character and get back to the same age pretty quickly. Be sure to practice three times each year. Once you’ve done it three times, it seems that you aren’t able to gain any more skill.

  3. Max your singing or instrument skill

    You should continue aging up, and practicing three times a year until you max it out. I generally advise graduating from High School, but it isn’t required. Either way, just keep going until you’ve reached age eighteen.

  4. Become a musician

    Once you’ve hit 18 years old, it’s time to become a musician. Head to the Jobs menu and look for Special Careers. Select Musician and if you picked an instrument, then you will likely be looking for a band. There are some instruments you can use that can make you a solo artist. If you decided to sing, then you should pick solo artist, but both are available to you. You will get an audition and depending on how well you did, you might be offered a contract. If not, you can close out of the app and try again, or you can audition again with another band/record label. Once you get accepted, sign the contract and you will be ready to produce an album or single! If you are really looking to go diamond, I recommend looking to be in the pop genre. If you don’t get it, close out and try again!

  5. Produce singles or albums

    Now comes the hardest part of attempting to go double platinum or diamond. You will need to produce singles and albums. You can do one a year, it doesn’t matter which, you can choose whichever you want depending on what you’re attempting to accomplish. I recommend getting your popularity up pretty high, something like 90% – 100%. Once you’ve reached that pinnacle, you can start actively trying to go for your goal. Produce an album or single, and if it isn’t at least platinum, then you should close out of the app and try again.

  6. Wait to go Double Platinum

    You need to sell 2 million copies to go double platinum. Getting the double platinum can be annoying, but if you go platinum immediately you can just age up a few years and it should get you over the 2 million mark.

  7. Wait to go Diamond

    Going diamond is next to impossible, and will require you to sell 10 million copies of your album or single. If your goal is diamond, then you will just need to close out of the app over and over again until your single or album goes very close to diamond. Something like 8 – 9 million sold initially. If that happens, you can age up for a while and hopefully you will eventually reach 10 million.

That’s everything you need to know about going double platinum and diamond BitLife! Be sure to check out the BitLife section of our website for more guides on the game.

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