How to fight the final boss in Muck

While you might just enjoy surviving in Muck, there has been a final boss dragon added to the game called Bob. This is similar to Minecraft with the Ender Dragon, and will “end” the story if you’d like. You aren’t obligated to complete this boss, but you might get bored and have a good run that is worth finishing! We’ll walk you through what you need to do to finish the survival-roguelike game muck in this guide!

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How to fight the Dragon in Muck

To fight the final boss and dragon in Muck, you will need to locate the broken boat. To find this location, you will need to obtain the Boat Map. This can be found in the green chests that you will run into occasionally as you explore a seed, which generally spawn in leftover huts and wagons. Once you have the Boat Map, it will show you on your world map where the boat is located. Head over to the boat and begin the process of fixing it. Once you have completed all of the repairs, you can go to the steering wheel and elect to leave Muck and fight the dragon!

Muck Broken Boat ImageMuck Broken Boat Image

Repairing the boat will require quite a few resources. There’s broken bits around the hull that need wood added to them. You will also need Iron Bars, Fir Wood, Dark Oak Wood, Wheat, and Raw Meat to complete various parts of the boat. Once you’ve gathered all of the materials you need, just go to the blue sections of the boat and hit E on them. This will use up your resources and repair the various parts of the ship. The final thing you’re going to need is to retrieve the boss items. These are five Gems that can be obtained by slaying Guardians and an Ancient Core from killing a Gronk. You can find a map to all five of the Guardians on the boat in a chest. Once you’ve got everything in place, just head to the wheel and interact with it to set sails!

Before you head off to fight Bob the Dragon, you will want to make sure you get yourself a good bow. Bob flies around your boat firing fireballs down at you. After flying around a bit, the dragon will land on your boat which gives you a chance to hit it with your melee weapon. This is where you can dish out quite a bit of damage, and will hopefully be able to finish the game!

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