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How to farm gold quickly in DNF Duel

DNF Duel is the brand new fighting game developed by Arc System Works based on the popular Dungeon and Fighter Online. This brawler is taking fans of the genre by storm with its refreshing mechanics and gameplay, supported by the beautiful art and character models of the game. Gold is DNF Duel’s in-game currency, used to purchase collectibles like more of that beautiful artwork. If you’re looking to unlock all collectibles in DNF Duel quickly, this guide will help you.

Earning gold in DNF Duel

You earn gold in DNF Duel by playing the game, but not all game modes give the same amount of gold.

To earn the most gold in DNF Duel, you should head to the Arcade. A single Arcade playthrough will reward you more gold than any other option available in the game. When completing all eight battles in a single Arcade playthrough, you’ll earn 3,960 gold.

The second fastest way to earn gold in DNF Duel is to play through the story, which you’ll have to do to unlock the Lost Warrior anyway. Each character’s story consists of nine chapters with skippable dialogue and completing one reward you with 2,300 gold. This is longer and less of a reward than the Arcade, making Arcade the better option for earning gold in DNF Duel.

If you’re just looking to play online, you’ll earn 160 gold for each match you complete. Even if you’re not looking to earn gold quickly, you will eventually find yourself with a hefty amount of it just by playing the game.

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