How to customize your Gang in Saints Row

The brand new Saints Row reboot has hit the Epic Games store and is quickly becoming one of the most played games on the client. If you read our Saints Row review, you know that there’s a ton to do in this new open-world crime sim. With so many features, challenges, side missions and hustles, an overwhelmed player might miss some key gameplay mechanics. One of these mechanics, the gang customization, lets you change the look of your Saints, giving you direct control over your gang’s style.

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Customizing your gang in Saints Row

In order to customize your gang, you’re gonna need a gang first. Gang customization is locked until you finish the story mission Aggressive Recruitment, which sees you taking on Boot Hill in a brutal battle royale. Once this mission is finished, you’ll have some loyal homies hanging around the church and you’ll unlock the ability to customize them.

Saints Row Red Phone ImageSaints Row Red Phone Image
Image: Deep Silver Volition

In order to change the look of your gang, you need to enter your church HQ and head over to Kev’s bar. There, you’ll find a red telephone with a glass case covering it, like something the (future) president might use. Interacting with this telephone allows you to customize your gang.

Saints Row Crew Customization ImageSaints Row Crew Customization Image
Image: Deep Silver Volition

In this menu you can change the clothes your gang wears and the vehicles they drive. You can also change the outfits your best friends Kev, Neenah and Eli wear. Some options are unlockable, meaning you’ll have to play the game to get everything available.

That’s everything you need to know to customize your gang in Saints Row! If you liked this guide and want to see more, be sure to head to the Saints Row section of our website.

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