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How to Crouch in Horizon Forbidden West

Forbidden West is the sequel to the popular Horizon Zero Dawn that follows Aloy through the post-apocalyptic world that is dominated by mechanical animals. While you traverse through the dangers of this fantastical version of Earth, you will come across a variety of new and exciting things that you might not understand or be able to figure out. If you are attempting to crouch so that you can sneak around in the game, we’ll tell you all you need to know how to do it.

How to Crouch in Horizon Forbidden West?

To crouch in Horizon Forbidden West, press the SQUARE BUTTON on your Playstation controller. This will allow you to go into stealth mode and avoid being detected while approaching an area or an enemy. Make sure to move slowly so your target doesn’t hear you. Using long grass will help increase your stealth.

If you are sprinting (L3) and press the crouch button, you will engage in a long slide. You can travel quite a distance using this, so you will want to practice it so you don’t accidentally overshoot the area you are trying to reach. This is a good way to enter into cover a bit more quickly.

Sprinting will immediately take you out of your crouch, but using the Circle Button will dive forward and keep you hidden. This can be a good way to get from cover to cover if you need to get closer to an enemy or target.

If you want to be a true silent assassin, you will want to use Silent Strike. While crouching you can sneak up on an enemy and wait to see the prompt when you get close enough. You can then press R1 to execute the Silent Strike Heal, which will kill or heavily damage the target.

There’s a way to extend this further, by unlocking the Silent Strike Heal passive ability. This makes it so when you use the Silent Strike attack, you will gain some health back afterwards. You can save yourself some potions by using this ability.

There are different playstyles when it comes to working through the stealth mechanics in Horizon Forbidden West, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try some different combinations, but for now, you’ve learned how to crouch in the game, which is a good way to start! You’ll find more great content about it in the Horizon Forbidden West section of our website.

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