How to cook in The Survival Game – Best Foods to Regain Health & Hunger!

Roblox The Survival Game will have you looking to survive in a medieval world! You will need to find food, build shelter, form kingdoms with other players to keep yourself alive. Make sure to keep alert, because not all players are friendly and they might be part of other kingdoms. If you want to know how to get cook yourself up some food, we’ll tell you how in this guide.

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How to Cook

Best Foods

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How to Cook

To cook in The Survival Game, you will either need access to a Campfire or a Cooking Stove. The Campfire is one of the easiest to craft and can be accessed after you create a Crafting Table. Once the Campfire is placed, interact with it, select a meal, and craft it to cook up the item!

If you haven’t crafted anything yet, you will need to make a Hammer. This can be done by entering into the Crafting Menu (C on Keyboard) and having 2x Logs in your inventory (obtained by chopping down trees). You can then click and hold on the Hammer option to craft it.

The easiest meals to create are with meat you get from Deer and Chicken. These animals will not attack you back and they are pretty easy to find. Deer can be found in great numbers on the large grassland island in the middle of the sea. Another option for meat would be heading to the desert to the south and slaying Elephants, who also do not attack and drop quite a bit of meat.

Survival Game Deer Chicken Map ImageSurvival Game Deer Chicken Map Image
Deer and Chicken Spawn Map

To cook more advanced meals, you are going to need to have access to a Cooking Stove. It’s a bit more difficult to craft because you need 2x Iron Bars, 3x Stones, and 6x Coal. While Stones and Coal are pretty easy to get, you might struggle with the Iron if you are just starting out.

Best Foods

The best food in the game currently is the Rib Meal, which restores 750 Hunger, 50 Health, and gives you a temporary Maximum Health Boost of 50. However, it does take 3x Meat Hunks and 2x Bowls to craft, which makes it a bit heavy on the resource side. The Meat Hunk or Cooked Chicken are likely the best overall, because they are easy to make and restore plenty of Hunger and Health.

Name Hunger Health Effect
Berry 20 2
Mushroom 20 2
Carrot 20 2
Raw Meat 50 -10 -10 Health
Raw Chicken 100 -10 -10 Health
Cooked Meat 100 10 +5 Health
Soup Bowl 100 10 +5 Health
Bread 100 10 +5 Health
Cooked Chicken 150 15 +5 Health
Meat Hunk 250 20 +10 Health
Delicious Meal 500 40 +10 Health
Delicious Stew 500 40 +10 Health
Carrot Pie 500 40 +10 Health
Rib Meal 750 50 +15 Health

That’s all you need to know about cooking in the game. If you want to learn more, be sure to head to The Survival Game section of our website.

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