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How to Complete the Invaders from Beyond in Fallout 76

Perhaps the alien invasion has caught you off-guard and left you unprepared for the apocalypse (again) in Fallout 76. No worries, as you can prove doomsday preppers wrong and be just as prepared for the end as them simply by using our guide on how to complete the Invaders from Beyond seasonal event in Fallout 76! Completing the Invaders from Beyond event holds more incentive than simply prolonging the existence of humankind – you can also win exclusive rewards, including plans for new weapons like the alien disintegrator and its many attachments. There are plenty of exciting new rewards, metric tons of experience to gain, and great community fun to join from now until March 15 when the event ends and the aliens either leave or…, so be sure to run the event as many times as you can to try and win all the new rewards!

Completing the Invaders from Beyond Seasonal Event Guide

Fallout 76’s Invaders from Beyond seasonal event gives you the novel task of preventing an apocalypse within an apocalypse, but it should be no match for anyone who’s spent time surviving the Appalachian Wasteland. The top of every hour will be accompanied by a server-wide announcement signaling the start of the Invaders from Beyond event. Players will want to scan their maps for the flashing octagon surrounded by player dots indicating the location where the event is taking place that hour. You’ll be heading to places like the iconic Charleston Capitol Building and Wavy Willard’s Water Park to fight off the invasion. At peak times, this even can be hectic and make it difficult to get a shot in. Other times this event can have few people around and may leave you without knowing what to do. In either case, it can be easy to get mixed up and unsure of what’s next, so make sure to prepare to ensure you finish the event successfully!

Fallout76 Brainwave Siphon 2 ImageFallout76 Brainwave Siphon 2 Image

Starting the Event

Follow the announcement to the site of each hour’s Invaders from Beyond event to compete for the game’s newest prizes! The event can take place at one of several locations around the map rather than always in the same place like Meat Week or Fasnacht. Upon arriving, you’ll find 3 glowing Brainwave Siphons (Kappa, Omega, and Zeta). Brainwave Siphon Kappa will be the site you want to investigate by pressing the advised controller button near it within 5 minutes, but be sure to wait a minute if you’re early and there’s still time. This will allow more players to roll in, improving your chances of success, and also give you extra time to prepare.

If this is your first time running the event in a certain location, take a moment to run around and see where the 3 Brainwave Siphons are located. These will be where each round takes place, and it can be very helpful to know where they’re at beforehand. This isn’t as big of a deal when the event is packed and there’s a huge crowd of other players to follow, but sometimes there won’t be many people there and knowing where to go can be an obstacle you don’t want in your way.

This time can also be useful to make sure you’re adequately equipped for the event. According to the Fallout 76 Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide, Zetan aliens are most resistant to energy and radiation damage, so avoid your gatling lasers and rad rifles and instead use weapons with ballistic ammo like the .50 cal machine gun or the handmade. Since they’ll be firing energy weapons at you, it’s best to have armor with modifications like the asbestos lining mod for torso armor that provides a bonus to energy resistance. Once your loadout is prepped, make sure to open a lunchbox and eat some cranberry relish for extra XP, as there will be a lot of it in this event as you cut through waves of enemies!

Fallout76 Alien 2 ImageFallout76 Alien 2 Image

Round 1 – Brainwave Siphon Kappa

There’s little time to gawk at the beautiful mothership floating above once the event starts. You’ll quickly begin seeing the basic variant of aliens along with alien drones beaming down in lightning bolts near Brainwave Siphon Kappa before starting to attack everyone around. Your task is to defeat 30 enemies in order to summon Lieutenant Kappa. The alien waves will pile up pretty quickly even if the event is packed full, and even in their most basic forms these visitors can pack a punch. What’s more, you’ll even notice some cryo aliens who’ll freeze you and toxic aliens who’ll poison you with their attacks. Lieutenant Kappa will beam down once you’ve beaten 30 regular aliens, but you won’t feel much more of a challenge than what’s offered by the normal alien variants. While the fight itself isn’t much of a challenge, the event can fail if any of the bosses get too far from their Brainwave Siphon for some reason, so make sure to keep the fight in the right area. Once Lieutenant Kappa is eliminated, destroy Brainwave Siphon Kappa to complete the round and move on to the next part!

Fallout76 Alien Drone 2 1 ImageFallout76 Alien Drone 2 1 Image

Round 2 – Brainwave Siphon Omega

Now you’ll be moving to another area in the event’s location, Brainwave Siphon Omega. The main objective is the same at this siphon, although you’ll notice a tougher fight in this round. Not only will there be more cryo and toxic alien variants, but you’ll also have to fight the upgraded alien invader variant (a regular alien in a combat suit). As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also have to continue dealing with pesky floating alien drones, and the mothership will start getting more involved by sending red-beamed missiles down below that will WRECK YOU. For this reason, be mindful of your health and try to keep it close to full to lower your odds of being sent lifelessly across the map or pulverized into the ground by a powerful alien blast from above. In addition to the alien invaders and mothership beams, you may also start seeing Fallout 76’s original alien, the Flatwoods Monster of West Virginia lore, floating around to join the fight. Defeating 30 enemies at the second stage will summon Captains Alpha and Omega, two upgraded drones who’ll feel more like a boss fight than Lieutenant Kappa but still shouldn’t ruin the event for you. After defeating the pair of captains, destroy Brainwave Siphon Omega and move to the next and final stage!

Fallout76 Alien Invader 1 1 ImageFallout76 Alien Invader 1 1 Image

Round 3 – Brainwave Siphon Zeta

You’ve almost fought off the perilous alien invasion that turns out to be surprisingly structured and objective based. Well done so far, but the third stage is the most challenging! There aren’t any new threats this round, but the enemy types you’ve already met will be coming at you with all their might. Despite the increased challenge, your objective is basically the same here. You’ll need to defeat 30 of these enemies to summon the final boss, General Zeta, a 3-star legendary who can be a challenge even when the event is full. Do your part and make sure General Zeta is welcomed to Earth by being blown across the map. Once General Zeta is handled, destroy Brainwave Siphon Zeta and celebrate your success. The world is now safe (for an hour) because of you and your allies’ heroic actions! Be sure to check your inventory to see which rewards you got, such as legendary weapons and armor or even new plans introduced with this exciting event!

Fallout76 Flatwoods Monster Invaders From Beyond ImageFallout76 Flatwoods Monster Invaders From Beyond Image

That’s everything there is to know so far about how to complete the Invaders from Beyond seasonal event. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out the Fallout 76 section of our website for more!

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