How To Cheese Fire Giant in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the brand new addition to the litany of souls-like games released by Fromsoft. A staple of this series is the notoriously hard boss fights. Looking for an easy way to cheese your way past the Fire Giant in Elden Ring? Fear not, for there is now a known way to cheese the boss even after the March 2022 patch.

Cheesing the Fire Giant In Elden Ring

Easily defeating the Fire Giant in Eldren ring involves clever use of Torrent, a damage-increasing Ash of War and some talismans, and a crossbow or other ranged weapon. By entering the boss area via the chain entrance at the foot of the Forge Gravesite, you can then use Torrent to leap out of the bounds of the arena and shoot the Fire Giant from outside his attack range.

The Fire Giant is a mandatory boss fight in Elden Ring, and the story cannot progress until you defeat him. While this boss isn’t particularly infamous for his difficulty, he was well known for an easy cheese strategy that many players have come to exploit. Unfortunately, this cheese strategy was patched out in the March 2022 update.

The new strategy for cheesing the Fire Giant comes thanks to youtube user Tyrannicon, who refers to himself as the Elden Ring guru. He shows how to pull off the strategy with precision in his video, which I’ve linked at the bottom of this article.

The Fire Giant has a massive health pool, so just using a crossbow and bolts to take him out might lead to a frustratingly long experience. It is recommended to use the Seppuku Ash of War, which trades some of your health for extra damage and the bleed effect on your crossbow.

Even if you’ve brought this ash of war, be sure to bring lots of bolts, or the ammo type of your ranged weapon of choice.

It is also recommended to take the Arrow Storm and Arrow’s Sting talismans for increased attack range and damage on your ranged attacks. You may find these necessary, as trying to whittle down the Fire Giant without them will take you quite a long time.

For the precise instructions on how to pull off this cheese strategy, check out the video below. If you want more guides on cheesing Elden Ring Bosses, be sure to check our other Elden Ring walkthroughs and guides.

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