How To Change Characters in Weird West

Weird West has just been released, and players are already raving about the game’s fantastic strange setting. Some players are wondering if they can change characters during their western adventure; You’ll find the answer to this question and more in this guide.

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Changing Characters In Weird West

Unfortunately, there is no apparent way to change characters in Weird West. While you can have multiple party members, there is seemingly no way to swap between them, and they only function as NPC helpers.

Weird West has five episodic chapters to play, and in each take control of a different specific main character. Each hero can recruit companions and undergo side quests. However, once you complete their main quest, you’ll automatically move on to the next character in the narrative arc, lose your current companions, and finish all of your uncompleted side quests.

Playable Characters in Weird West

In the first episode of Weird West, you play as an ex-bounty hunter called Jane Bell. Thrust back into the life after her husband is kidnapped and her farm destroyed, Jane must seek revenge against the Stillwater gang. The first episode introduces you to the game and the world its’ set it, and Jane Bell is personally my favorite character.

Weird West Characters ImageWeird West Characters Image

In episode two, you play a recently turned Pigman, who are people who’ve been cursed by a vindictive witch and transformed into half-human, half hog creatures. In this episode, you try to find out who you were and why you were transformed into this creature.

In the third episode, you play a hunter from the Lost Fire Nation tribe. In this episode you fight against a famous North American cryptid, the Wendigo, a force of greed that threatens all life around it.

In the fourth episode of the game, you play Desidério Ríos, a werewolf soldier of the Absolutionists, a religious sect aiming to remove all supernatural forces from the west. The Absolutionists would see you lead an army of werewolves, but your destiny is ultimately up to you.

Finally, in the fifth and last episode of Weird West, you play as an initiate into the Oneirist coven, named Constance. As a member of the coven, you’ll be able to see visions of the future, and its’ up to you make those visions come true or prevent them from happening.

That’s everything you need to know about the characters in Weird West! If you found this guide helpful, be sure to leave a comment below. Check out our other Game Guides for more walkthroughs for your favorite games.

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