How to Cash Your Coins

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Coin Counting Machines

Coin counting machines offer a convenient way to convert large amounts of loose change into cash, gift cards, or vouchers. Here’s a breakdown of how they typically work and some key points to consider:

How They Work

  1. Find a Location: These machines are often located in supermarkets, banks, and large retail stores. Coinstar is a popular brand in the United States.
  2. Pour in Coins: Once you locate a machine, you simply pour your unsorted coins into the large bin or tray provided.
  3. Machine Counts the Coins: The machine will sort and count the coins. This process can take a few minutes, depending on the amount of change.
  4. Choose Redemption Option: After counting, the machine will give you options for redeeming your total. Options may include:
    • Cash: The machine prints a voucher that you can take to a cashier to exchange for cash. There’s usually a service fee (e.g., around 11.9% with Coinstar).
    • Gift Cards or E-Certificates: Some machines offer the option to receive the total in the form of an eGift card or voucher for various retailers, often without a fee.
    • Donation: You can choose to donate the amount to a selected charity.
  5. Collect Your Cash, Card, or Receipt: If you choose cash, you’ll get a receipt to exchange at the store’s customer service desk or cashier. For gift cards or donations, you’ll receive a voucher or receipt confirming the transaction.

Things to Consider

  • Fees: Be aware of the fees for cash redemption. They can take a significant portion of your total, so for smaller amounts, the fee might not be worth it.
  • No-Fee Options: Opting for a gift card or e-voucher can often bypass the fee. Check which retailers are available and if they’re places you’d normally shop.
  • Coin Condition: Some machines may have trouble with foreign coins, damaged or very dirty coins. It’s a good idea to sort through your change and remove any non-standard items.
  • Machine Availability: Not all supermarkets or banks have these machines, so it’s worth checking ahead of time.
  • Charity Donations: If you’re feeling charitable, donating your change can be a feel-good, fee-free option.
  • Check for Rare Coins: Before dumping all your change into a counting machine, it might be worth checking if you have any rare or valuable coins. Some old or unique coins could be worth more than their face value.

Using a coin counting machine is a straightforward process, but considering the fees and alternatives is important to make sure you’re getting the best value for your coins.

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