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How to become Hollow in Reaper 2

Roblox Reaper 2 is a Bleach themed game that will have you slaying evil or embodying it yourself. You will get a chance to be a few different races, and one of these is the Hollow. If you want to go to the dark side and consume flesh to earn experience, we’ll tell you what you need to do to become Hollow.

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Hollow Guide

The only way you can become Hollow in Reaper 2 is to spin your race by either paying Robux, spending 5,000 in-game cash, or using a Race reroll code and hoping that you end up as a Hollow. Unfortunately, this is the only way to become the Hollow race at the moment.

When you spin each race has a percentage you can land on which will determine what race you become. Here’s a look at your chances right now when you reroll:

  • Soul Reaper – 50% Chance
  • Hollow – 35% Chance
  • Quincy – 15% Chance

So, as of right now, you have a 35% chance to become the Hollow race each time you spin. Each time you roll for your race you will have the exact same chance to become each of the races. You can reroll and get the same Race, so you might get incredibly unlucky and require many spins to get the one you want.

To use in-game cash, you will need to cross over the bridge from South Karakura where you spawn to enter into Central Karakura. Go towards the middle of the town and locate the NPC named F33NY. You can then roll you race for 5,000 in-game cash. You can also reroll your secondary for the same amount (Shikai or Resurrection). If you do decide to reroll your race, your character data will be reset!

Reaper 2 Race Shikai Reroll ImageReaper 2 Race Shikai Reroll Image

If you want to pay Robux to reroll your race, you can do so from the Menu and under Dev Products. It will cost 250 Robux for each roll you decide to use. Keep in mind that when you reset your race you will also reset your levels!

Reaper 2 Race Reroll ImageReaper 2 Race Reroll Image

If you don’t have Robux, you can always try to redeem some codes. These are released by the developer on their Twitter account from time to time. Unfortunately, you only get one reroll per code, so you could still get unlucky and end up with a race you don’t want!

That’s everything we know about becoming the Hollow race in Reaper 2. We’ve got more details about the game in the Reaper 2 section of our website.

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