How to beat Altered Stregotretus Mutant in Forspoken

Forspoken is an action-based, role-playing game, which follows the journey of Frey, who has been transported to the land of Athia, where she has to use her magical powers to get back home. Mutants are bosses that you can choose to engage with (though not required), but they are well-worth contending with to get their rewards. If you need help learning how to defeat the Altered Stregotretus Mutant Boss in Forspoken, we have a helpful guide to winning the battle!

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Altered Stregotretus Mutant Guide

You can engage with the Altered Stregotretus by heading to the Brass Hollow in Praenost or Visorian Plateau, Visorian Isthmus, or The Windy Hills in Visoria. Unlike a lot of the mutants, this one can be defeated more readily using Frey’s magic, which is what it is particularly weak to. The biggest tip we can give is to avoid the mutant’s poisonous clouds.

How to defeat Altered Stregotretus in Forspoken

In this close-battle that is done in a small area, you’ll want to make sure to avoid poisonous clouds that the mutant leaves, as they can easily be Flowed into if you’re not paying attention. If you get into one, use Leach to help manage the damage.

Otherwise, you will just want to unleash Frey’s magic attacks like Disperse and Implant to quickly deal damage and defeat the Altered Stregotretus with ease.

In The Windy Hills, you’ll encounter Milleridae, which means you’ll need to use Leach to counter their poison attacks. In Visorian Isthmus, you’ll have to take out both Qiliania and Sulcvais which are best countered using Prav’s Magic. In Visorian Plateau, you’ll want to avoid the poisonous clouds created by the Varanus and use Leach to heal.

After defeating the Altered Stregotretus, you’ll receive four Welkind Garlands or four Lambent Garlands, depending on the location of the mutant. Don’t forget to have Healing Draughts on hand to ensure you can heal yourself during battle!

Hopefully, we helped you figure out how to defeat the Altered Stregotretus boss in Forspoken! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Forspoken coverage.

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