How does mending work in Minecraft? (1.17)

Minecraft has many enchantments in the game, but few are more useful than mending. The need to repair armor, tools, and weapons is particularly important due to how much use they get while you build, fight, and survive your way through the game. This enchantment can be a bit confusing with how it works, but don’t worry because we’ll demystify this whole thing!

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Mending in Minecraft

The way mending works in Minecraft is that it uses XP (experience) that you gain from killing monsters, mining certain blocks, smelting ore, breeding animals, fishing, and trading with villagers. If the enchanted item is in your main hand, offhand, or armor slot and isn’t at maximum durability then the experience orbs that you collect will repair the item!

Each time you collect an XP orb, your item will gain two durability. If you have multiple items in need of repair, then the item is selected at random whenever you pick up an orb!

Where-to get the Mending Enchantment

Getting the mending enchantment can be a bit difficult because for the most part you will need to loot it. You can get it from chests, fishing, raids, and trading.

Mending with the Elytra

A common question players have is how does mending work with the Elytra. Well, it works exactly the same as mending does with anything else! If you gain experience while wearing an Elytra that has the mending enchantment on it then it will be repaired.

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