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Good Slice APK 1.9.39

Introducing, a game surely made to quench the thirst of thousands. And if that’s not the case, it was surely made to make thousands thirsty. Download Good Slice for Android to experience a game like no other before.

Okay, that may be an over exaggeration, but we can assure you, this game is one of a kind. The main objective is to cut up various fruits given in each level. “Why”, you may ask. Well, that’s also quite simple, to make a delicious drink, of course. The entire point of the game is to blend some nice juices. For you, for others, who cares! As long as you blend your fruit, nothing else matters.

Relax, you may get too thirsty after playing this game. With all of the different fruit and juices being concocted, anyone would lose their mind. We’re getting thirsty just thinking about cutting up all of the different fruits.

Table of Contents

How to Play

The game is super simple to understand and play. You’ll need to slice and dice a variety of different fruits. The aftermath – the chopped up pieces will fall onto the blender and mesh together to make a delectable juice. Anyone would be excited just to see it happen.

Surprisingly enough, Good Slice for Android is a seriously addicting game. Slicing up all of the different fruit together to make a blend of juice seems so satisfying. It’s quite difficult to explain, but you would surely understand, once you try it for yourself.

One thing to note is the actual circumstances of playing the game. Whenever you’re feeling Thirsty, just pull out your Android and open up the Good Slice game. From there, it’s all slicing, cutting, blending, and meshing up juices for fun.

The best part is how the game is 100% offline. You can play anytime without an internet connection. Think of all the different instances where you can open up the game and end up playing more. As such, it’s still super easy to get addicted and lose track of time. You may end up wasting hours just cutting up imaginary fruits for yourself.

The controls are also super simple to understand. Actually, we can’t really say there are controls within the game. Controlling the game is done through one quick gesture.

That’s right, simply swipe on the screen to conduct the main action of the game. Swiping in any direction will allow you to cut along the fruit in the same angle. Not only is this an easy and realistic way to play the game, but it adds a layer of depth to the gameplay. What we mean is, you will need to carefully coordinate where each of your cuts is placed. If you miswipe in any direction, you could risk a perfect rating in your game.


The graphics of the game are almost as basic as the gameplay. The game is displayed in 2D and easy to distinguish. All the visuals are smooth and exotically colored.

To be honest, the fruit look realistic enough and distinguishable to know what they are. And that’s more than enough to satisfy your cutting and blending. So, there’s nothing to fear when it comes to the visuals of the game. Everything looks right and feels just a good when actually playing.

Good Slice APK Free Download

The modified version of the game also adds additional features to enjoy.

The download is smaller and you’ll get:

  • Unlimited cut
  • No ads

So quench your thirst by getting Good Slice  APK Latest Version now.

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