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Fortnite Dead Drop Locations in 2022

Fortnite challenges are a weekly endeavor that will have you traveling to various parts of the map to complete tasks that will reward you with valuable XP towards your Battle Pass. Most of the time they are pretty self-explanatory, but there are times when some of the quests are a bit more complicated. If you’re wondering where you will find Dead Drop locations in Fortnite, we’ll show you how to do it in this guide.

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Dead Drop Locations

In Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1, you will find Dead Drop locations scattered across the map, but will always be found in the different Seven Outpost locations. Alternatively, you will also find one at the named location Sanctuary, and at Mighty Monument, which has the big statue of The Foundation character.

Dead Drops are used for various quests, but in particular you will be using it during the data card collection challenge that was released as part of the story during week 9. When you arrive at one of the locations, you will need to look for a glowing object. This is usually something like an empty tree stump. Since most players are headed to Covert Canyon, the location directly west is the best area to head to complete the challenge.

You can find all of the dead drop locations listed on the map below. Click the image to enlarge it!

Fortnite Dead Drop Locations Map ImageFortnite Dead Drop Locations Map Image

Once you arrive at the dead drop location, you just need to interact with it and you will place the secret information you have inside and earn yourself the XP towards your Battle Pass.

That’s everything you need to know about finding dead drop locations in Fortnite. Be sure to check out that Fortnite section of our website for more great content!

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