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Dream Town Story APK 2.0.0

Develop the perfect town of your imaginations. Watch it thrive and flourish with an abundance of different residents. And ultimately, modernize it into the most developed city in existence. Download Dream Town Story for Android to experience this fun simulator game.

Table of Contents

Starting the game

When beginning to play Dream Town Story, you will be introduced to a few things along the way. The game does a good job walking you through the beginning with a simple and understandable tutorial.


To begin, you will be asked to give your nickname. You can choose to pick any old name for this section. It’s whatever you prefer to be called in the game.

Next, you will need to pick the name of our town. Remember, this cannot be changed later. So, make sure to pick a good name that you are satisfied with.

Okay, after picking the name for your town, you’ll be introduced to your character. There is a selection of different characters that can be started with. Additionally, each of these characters has their own unique stats. Each stat can be upgraded up to the level of 35. That being said, when you begin playing the game, you will have a total of 10 bonus points to add onto your character.

Begin Building Your Town

Following the creation of your first resident, you will be plunged straight into the game to begin building your town.

Place empty lots in open spaces in order to later transform them into buildings. You will need to gradually upgrade your resources, if you wish to full develop your town. Eventually, residents will begin showing up and making themselves comfortable within your dwellings.


Each of these residents will pay you a moving in fee from the moment they enter the town. Additionally, you’ll continuously make money from their rent and taxes.

Graphics and Sounds

The game is entirely in 2D. That being said, the art direction is reminiscent of the early Game Boy Advance era of video games. The graphics seriously take you back and pull on your nostalgia strings.


Besides that, the music is pretty average. You wouldn’t miss much by replacing the sounds with your own playlist.

Dream Town Story APK Free Download

Ultimately, there’s one version of the game that anyone would choose to download as their definitive version. We are talking about getting the Dream Town Story APK latest version for Android devices.


You can rush your town into development as quickly as possible. Watch it flourish in a matter of minutes. All that’s left is to wait for more residents to fill the streets.

So, enjoy this version of the game and have fun no matter how you choose to play. That being said, if you wish to play the game fair, you can always download the base APK. Nonetheless, whichever you pick, you will still have a blast.

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