Dark and Darker Cleric Class Guide: Perks, Abilities

Dark and Darker is a challenging, fantasy FPS dungeon PvPvE adventure where you can work with friends to uncover mythical treasures, defeat terrible monsters, and make sure you don’t caught by other treasure-hunters. We have to put together this Dark and Darker Cleric Class Guide that covers all of the Cleric Perks and Cleric Abilities in the game!

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Dark and Darker Cleric Perks

You can equip one perk every 5 levels. The game currently has a level cap of 20, which means that you can have a total of 4 perks equipped when you’ve reached the max level. There are eight possible perks for the Cleric class:

Perk Description
Advanced Healer +5 to base healing
Blunt Weapon Mastery +5% attack power when using a blunt weapon
Brewmaster Not impaired by drunkenness
Kindness +15% self-healing when healing another player
Perseverance -3 damage for all types
Protection from Evil -20% reduction from damage of time effects
Requiem +25% to resurrected allies; no HP lost when using altar to resurrect
Undead Slaying +20% damage bonus against undead

You will want to select the perks based on your play style, whether you’re playing mostly solo (so you’ll want to be able to do damage but also be durable) or playing with a larger group (then you can lean into one aspect harder).

Dark and Darker Cleric Skills

The Cleric’s skills are bound to Q and E (by default), which means you can select two skills to rely on during combat. These are the four possible skills:

Ability Description
Judgment +100 base damage to undead within 7.5m
Holy Purification Deal 30 damage and reduce movement speed by 20% for 2s after focusing on target for 0.5s,
Smite +10 damage to all enemies hit for 7s
Spell Memory Allows memorization of spells
Spell Memory 2 Allows memorization of additional spells

Like with Perks, you will want to sell your Cleric skills of choice based on whether you’re playing solo or within a party.

Dark and Darker Cleric Spells

Cleric is a more complicated class to play due to having a tiered spell casting system. The tier corresponds to the cost of casting a spell.

Tier Spells
Tier 1 Protection: Shield that blocks 20 physical damage for 20s

Bless: Target gains +3 Agility, Strength, Will for 30s

Tier 2 Divine Strike: +20 weapond amage for 10s

Cleanse: Remove all harmful magic effects from target

Tier 3 Bind: Binds target for 0.75s
Tier 4 Lesser Heal: +15 HP
Tier 5 Holy Light: +30 HP or +100 base magic damage to undead
Tier 9 Resurrection: Resurrects targeted ally

This wraps up our guide on Dark and Darker’s Cleric Class and a walkthrough of this class’ perks and skills to choose from. We hope this encourages you to try out the class in the game. Check out more of our Dark and Darker coverage.

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