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Dancing Road APK 2.2.1

Do you remember games like O2 Jam? Do you remember the simplicity that arcade games brought to many players? If so, you’re probably missing these types of games as there are tons of games right now being released. We are slowly moving into a different direction with graphics-intensive heavy games such as Call of Duty Mobile and the likes.


Dancing Road is a music arcade game with over 50 million downloads in Google Play Store. In this game, your ball changes color every so often. You need to match your ball with the right-colored ball in order to pass through. But as you go along, the challenges become hard as well. If you’re curious about this game, read on!

What is Dancing Road?

Arcade music games aren’t new. In fact, they’ve been around ever since mobile gaming became the trend. They are challenging and fun to play which explains their popularity even today. But nowadays, people are turning to mobile games more than ever as convenience is a priority.


Dancing Road is an arcade music game that reached more than 50 million downloads in Google Play Store. This seemingly simple game has managed to win the hears of many with colorful graphics and enjoyable gameplay. In this game, you just need to go with the beat. But be careful as the color of your ball changes every so often. This means that you need to match the current color of your ball to the correct stationary ball. You can’t mess up as that will end the game abruptly. There are tons of coins scattered around the track so be sure to collect those as well. Then as you go along, the pace becomes faster to make it more challenging. Can you stay true to the beat and pass the track with flying colors? Read on below about this game!

Features of Dancing Road

Dancing Road is a very musically-inspired game. This game allows you to have fun while facing challenges. Here are its features:

Original background music – One of the main aspects of this game is the music. In Dancing Road, the music you hear are the original compositions from the game. You will not hear these elsewhere. The music genres range from simple to complex ones to cater to all styles. Without the music, the game feels off. This is because the music is designed to fit well with the track. This means that the track is made with the music in mind.


Tons of levels – In Dancing Road, there are a lot of levels to conquer. At the beginning, the levels are easy. But as you progress, you’ll find that they become difficult. The beats have more drops and there are ball moves faster. This is to make the levels extra challenging for you. You need to have incredible reflexes and some luck in order to get to the next levels.

Epic graphics – The 3D graphics of Dancing Road is enough to make you play. The game is set in galaxy where you’ll feel like you’re playing outside the planet. This makes it incredibly satisfying to hit those beats perfectly and finish the game with high scores.


Simple controls – In Dancing Road, the controls are as simple as holding and dragging the ball to the direction you prefer. Of course, you can only direct the ball to your left or right but this still gives you incredible

Dancing Road APK – Unlimited lives

Dancing Road is a fun and easy arcade music game for everyone! Download the rebirth with no ads instantly!

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