Da Hood codes – free cash and more

February 6, 2023: we added a new Da Hood code to our list.

While this Roblox title doesn’t have the word ‘simulator’ in the title, it very well could do. Like many, many Roblox games, Da Hood puts you in a real-life situation, or as close to real life as these blocky videogames can get. So grab your swag bag, it’s time for some crime.

So, what will it be? Are you a narc who’s going to join the cops? Or are you up for robbing banks and building your life in the criminal underworld? It’s up to you, but I know I wouldn’t want to be a narc… Either way, use our Da Hood codes to make the most of whichever side you choose. Be sure to bookmark this page for when new codes arrive, as we’ll update the page as soon as they do.

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Da Hood codes

Active codes:

  • secretcodeinmain – 100k cash (new!)

Expired codes:

  • LunarNewYear
  • MLK
  • HappyNewYear2023
  • DrumWinter2022
  • FlamethrowerWinter2022
  • TacticalShotgunWinter2022
  • P90Winter2022
  • ShotgunWinter2022
  • AugWinter2022
  • RevolverWinter2022
  • SMGWinter2022
  • GlockWinter2022
  • Ak47Winter2022
  • RPGWinter2022
  • LMGWinter2022
  • DoubleBarrelWinter2022
  • SilencedGlockWinter2022
  • SilencedAR15Winter2022
  • RifleWinter2022
  • AUGUST2022!
  • 2022JUNE
  • freepremiumcrate
  • DHUpdate

Two criminals shooting guns in Roblox Da Hood.

What are Da Hood codes?

Da Hood codes bag you an in-game boost to things like your cash reserves. The developer Da Hood Entertainment usually releases new codes when the game reaches certain milestones or has a fresh update, so keep an eye on this page for when more show up.

How do I redeem Da Hood Codes?

Redeeming Da Hood codes is super easy, just follow these simple steps:

  • Boot up Da Hood in Roblox
  • Head to the line of icons in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen
  • Click the one on the right-hand side
  • Type one of our codes into the redemption box
  • Hit ‘redeem’
  • Enjoy the freebies!

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