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Can you play CATAN for Consoles as a single player?

CATAN, Console Edition: The Longest Road was announced in fall of 2022 as a 2023 title, and it will be making its console debut on February 28th, 2023. The beloved board game will now enable you to play and acquire resources, while trying out strategies and finding the best ones, build your settlements, and even play online against friends or right in your living room. If you are wondering whether CATAN for Consoles will be playable as a single player, we have the answer for you.

Can you play CATAN for Consoles as a single player?

Yes, there’s a single player mode in CATAN that allows you to try out different strategies against Catanians found in the game’s rich lore, which means you’ll have the opportunity to play against characters that have different traits and playing styles. The AI is designed to offer a challenge and ensure that every time you play against a character, the game is different.

Single player mode is an excellent way to get more game experience to improve your skills and strategies as well as just to experiment and try out new strategies. However, given the success of the board game, it is a game that is often at its best when played with friends locally or online using the multiplayer matchmaking system.

We hope that answered your question on whether you can play CATAN for Consoles in single player mode. Check out all of our CATAN coverage.

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