BitLife Dangerous Woman Challenge Guide – How to complete!

BitLife is replicating the life of well-known singer Ariana Grande with the Dangerous Woman Challenges! This set of tasks will require you to be born a female in Miami, Florida, you will need to become a famous singer, have 6+ albums that go platinum or higher, call off 4+ wedding engagements, and you will need to complete this challenge before you turn 30 years old! If you aren’t sure how to get all of this done, then we’ll walk you through the process with this guide!

Go from being a small-time actress to a superstar singer while breaking a few hearts along the way in this challenge!

Dangerous Woman Challenge Guide

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To complete the Dangerous Woman Challenge, you will need to be born a female in Miami, become a famous singer, have 6+ albums hit platinum or higher, call of 4+ engagements, and you will need to complete this challenge before you turn 30 years old!

  1. Be Born a Female in Miami, Florida

    The first step towards completing this challenge is creating your character! Make sure they are born as a Female in the United States as your Country and Miami as your Place. If you have God Mode, make your special talent Music! You will want to make sure your looks are high, as it seems to be helpful for your music career.Bitlife New Character Miami ImageBitlife New Character Miami Image

  2. Upgrade your Singing Skill

    The first part of this is taking voice lessons which are under the Body & Mind tab. You can start these at age 8, and it’s best to do it young because your parents will pay for it. Do it three times each year, that seems to be the amount you can do it while still gaining in the voice skill department. You won’t always gain skill, but more often than not you will. You want to make sure that you have this maxed out by the time you hit 18 years old.Bitlife Voice Lessons ImageBitlife Voice Lessons Image

  3. Become a Musician

    Once you’ve maxed out your voice skill and graduated High School, it’s time to become a musician. You can find this by heading to the Occupation > Special Careers menu. Select Solo Artist and pick Singer as your Career type. The record label shouldn’t really matter. Request an audition and you should get one. If not, you can reset your app or age up to try again. As long as you give a good performance you should get a contract offer. If your performance is poor, reset and try again. The contract will designate what kind of genre you will be singing in. If it’s not pop then I would reset, because pop is going to be the best genre to create platinum albums in. You could do it with other genres, it’s up to you!Bitlife Musician Career ImageBitlife Musician Career Image

  4. Start Making Albums

    You don’t have a lot of time to get those 6+ platinum albums because you’ll need to do it before you turn 30 years old, and you can only make one album a year. So start making albums immediately. You will want to go on tours and do concerts to raise your popularity. You can try upping your social media and doing stuff in the Fame tab. Once you make an album, see how well it does. If it doesn’t go platinum, you should just restart the app and try again. This process can take a long time because it’s totally random if you go platinum or not. There’s not much you can do to increase your odds once you’ve got your popularity near maximum.Bitlife Platinum Album ImageBitlife Platinum Album Image

  5. Call Off Engagements

    This isn’t too difficult, you just need to head to the Love section and use the Date option. Accept a date with whoever is chosen and then build your relationship in the Boyfriend tab by complimenting, having conversations, and spending time with them. Once your relationship is near maxed out, you should go get an expensive ring (you should be rich from your albums) and propose. If they accept then immediately cancel the engagement and repeat the steps with another person. You can do this all in one year, with multiple different people!Bitlife Cancel Engagements ImageBitlife Cancel Engagements Image

That’s everything you need to know about completing the BitLife Dangerous Woman Challenge! If you want to learn more about the game, check out all of our guides in the BitLife section of the site.

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