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Best LoL Wild Rift Yone Build

Yone, the unforgotten, has arrived in League of Legends: Wild Rift as the newest assassin. Yone wields dual blades, one human and one called Azakana. He usually plays in Mid lane, and his gameplay is similar to Yasuo. He dives the back line with his skills and deals tons of damage towards carries. In a way, Yone is like a skirmisher-assassin hybrid. Follow this guide to know Yone’s best item builds, runes, and spells to dominate in League of Legends: Wild Rift! 

Best Yone build, runes, and spell

Lol Wild Rift Yone Best Build ImageLol Wild Rift Yone Best Build Image
Image: League of Legends Wild Rift

To maximize Yone’s potential, you must first understand his kit. He heavily relies on his skills to deal massive damage to carries. His primary source of damage comes from his skill, Mortal Steel, which has a 100% AD scaling. This will also benefit significantly from his passive, Way of the Hunter, which deals magic damage from his second attack. Furthermore, his passive can increase his chance of hitting a critical strike. By incorporating this Mortal Steel with his other skills, Yone will be a force to be reckoned with. 

For his item build, his primary weapon is Infinity Edge. This item can increase his chance of dealing with a critical hit with increased critical damage. For the first item, you can equip either Solari Chargeblade or Stormrazor. Stormrazor can increase his crit chance and attack speed, while Solari Chargeblade can give additional AD damage. Mortal Reminder and Blade of the Ruined King can give penetration and bonus attack speed, respectively. Lastly, Guardian Angel is a must when it comes to team fights.

For Yone’s runes, Lethal Tempo is essential as it can increase attack speed when attacking enemies. Triumph can give health restoration when defeating enemies and boost damage if the health bar is lower than 35%. Second Wind grants increased health generation. Lastly, Sweet Tooth increases honeyfruit’s healing by 20%, which is vital in a clash. 

It is recommended to include Flash in Yone’s spells, as it will enable you to evade risky situations or deliver the killing blow. Moreover, you can choose between Ignite or Exhaust as your second spell, depending on the other team’s lineup. Exhaust can slow down enemies, while Ignite deals true damage to enemies. 

That’s all the details you need to know for the best Yone build. For more great content, check out the League of Legends section of our site!

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