Atomic Heart Director reveals game length and more

Atomic Heart is one of the most anticipated games of the year so far. With retro-shooter vibes and a unique setting in the ruins of a Soviet “City of Tomorrow,” Atomic Heat certainly has a lot for players to be excited about.

Though much of the previews of Atomic Heart have showcased the game’s amazing graphics and unique setting a recent interview on SegmentNext conducted with Atomic Heart’s Game Director Robert Bagratuni goes into some of the game’s specifics, giving eager players more of an idea of what the actual gameplay of Atomic Heart will be like.

You can read more of the specifics in SegmentNext’s interview, but some of the key gameplay elements covered are difficulty, game length, and the number of weapon types players can get their hands on.

For those concerned about difficulty, don’t worry. Whether you’re looking for a difficult slugfest like classic retro shooters or just want to enjoy the world Atomic Heart has to offer, three difficulty levels ranging from easy to hellish are available to customize your experience.

From the interview; “We wanted every player to be able to freely choose their own way to experience the game, so we developed 3 difficulty levels: Easy Story Mode, Normal difficulty mode and the hardest one for those players who enjoy tough challenges.

As for game length, Bargratuni gives an estimate of about 20-25 hours to complete the game, with 35-40 if you want to 100% all of the side content available.

Finally, the game is promised to have 12 types of weapons for players to collect, each one featuring various upgrades and components to add to customize your playthrough. As Bargratuni describes in the interview, to upgrade your guns you will need to search “Every piece of furniture, equipment, and corpses around,” rewarding players for exploration.

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