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Many fun obstacle games are available to play right now. If you’re in love with these types of games, then you can enjoy quite a lot of them today. Each one presents a unique theme that lets you have fun with a different concept each time, but they’re all similar to one another.

Arrow Fest is reminiscent of popular obstacle racing games today, but it’s a unique one from Rollic Games! Here, you must collect as many arrows as you can so you can complete the level.

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In this unique and new obstacle game, the only goal is to get as many arrows as you can! You’ll start with one arrow at the beginning, and then you’ll come across many gates in which it can diminish or add to your arrows.

Aside from choosing the gates, there are also human obstacles in your way, which you can shoot using arrows. In the end, you must have enough arrows to obliterate every opponent there is!

Collect Arrows in Arrow Fest

There are so many fun games today which involve arrows as there are many people who love them. They’re used in sports mostly now, but they can be a deadly weapon as well. They’re depicted as epic weapons in movies and games, and they can be enjoyable as well.

But if you’re looking for a unique obstacle racing game, then Arrow Fest is the best one! This one feature arrows as the main thing that you’ll collect and use.

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Here, you’ll start with only one arrow, and you need to have as much as you can by the end of the level. To do this, you’ll face many gates in which different effects can occur. Some gates will add your arrows; others will divide them, others will multiply them, and others can also lessen them.

It would help if you chose wisely every time to get as many arrows as you can. Some enemies will stand in your way occasionally, but you can shoot them down.

Enjoy many fun levels here today, and have fun collecting arrows!

Features of Arrow Fest

Arrows are enjoyable weapons that you can wield today. In Arrow Fest, you’re able to collect as many arrows as possible.

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An Enjoyable race – Even though arrows are considered a prehistoric weapon now, they are still being used in sporting events, movies, and games. We see a lot of cool things being done with arrows since they’re just so cool. Aside from that, we can enjoy many fun things with it in mobile games like Arrow Fest!

Here, you can collect as many arrows as you can so you can obliterate opponents! This is a unique obstacle race game that lets you collect as many arrows as possible.

You’ll be able to play in different levels here that present unique obstacles today. The barriers can be humans, which you can strike down using the arrows that you collected. Or, it can also be gates that will allow you to add or lessen the number of your arrows.

You must choose your path wisely and quickly to get through many levels here! In the end, your arrows should be sufficient so you can strike down the vast enemies.

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Plenty of fun levels – In Arrow Fest, you’ll be able to play in plenty of fun levels today! Every level is unique as it will allow you to face different obstacles today.

There are also unique locations that you’ll play in this game today, where you can enjoy playing under the sea, over the forest, and in the skies! Have fun with challenging levels here where you can face many enemies at the end. Complete many levels now and collect more coins.

Lots of obstacles – In this game, you’ll face plenty of barriers at different levels. You’re able to face the challenges like humans, which can lessen the number of your arrows. It would help if you avoided them to preserve your arrows, but you’ll also face other obstacles like gates.

There are different types of gates available here, and you’ll need to go to the correct one each time. You must then be able to calculate which gate is more beneficial to you! This is because each gate can add, subtract, multiply or lessen your arrows.

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Easy to play – This game is straightforward to play as you need to swipe the screen to go through obstacles. The arrows will move automatically for you!

Upgrade arrows and income – You can also upgrade the number of arrows that you get at the start! Plus, you can boost the income that you can generate as well.

Download Arrow Fest APK

If you enjoy a fun arrow game, download Arrow Fest now and collect as many as you can.



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