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Anime Adventures tier list February 2023 – all characters ranked

Roblox is the perfect place to do kick anime butt, as it features many games based on IPs such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, and more. Then, you get the odd title like Anime Adventures that takes all these worlds and blends them into one action-fuelled universe. Given just how many characters these anime have, you likely want to know who gives you the best chance to secure victory, and that’s where our Anime Adventures tier list comes in, as we rank all of the available fighters in-game. Of course, this is subjective, so if your favourite character is in tier C, you should still go ahead and use them.

If you want to further increase your chances of picking up the win, our Anime Adventures codes list is full of useful goodies, as is our Project Slayers codes guide. Or, if you’re after some similar content to this, our Project Slayers tier list League of Legends: Wild Rift tier list, Genshin Impact tier list, and TFT tier list are a good place to start.

Anyway, here’s our Anime Adventures tier list.

Anime Adventures tier list

Rank Anime Adventures characters
A All Might, Getu (Maximum), Ice Queen, Jio, Kisuke (Bankai), Torch, Goku Rose, Marada, Rangoku, Dio, Itach, Yamomoto Hellfire, Chainsaw, Sonic
B All Force, Broly, Aaron, Payne, Blue Goku, Goku, Gray, Jelly (Heaven), Jotaro, Lelouch
C Bleach, Luffy, Karyoin, Kit, Levi Ackman, Sanji, Sasuke, Tango
D Hie, Juozu, Luci, Moriu, Renkoku (Ablaze)
E Ace/Fire Fist, Akoku, Diabolo, Eta, Hollow Ichigo, Krillo, Kumo, Noruto, Saiki, Zoru

There you have it, our Anime Adventures tier list. For more information about this game, check out our Anime Adventures trade guide. Or, some less blocky action, you can check out our picks for the best anime games on mobile and Switch.

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