All Arcane Spells in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker is a challenging, fantasy FPS dungeon PvPvE adventure where you can work with friends to uncover mythical treasures, defeat terrible monsters, and make sure you don’t caught by other treasure-hunters. If you are looking for all of the arcane spells available to cast in Dark and Darker, we have a detailed list of them.

Arcane Spells in Dark and Darker

There are currently 11 different Arcane Spells available in Dark and Darker when you choose to play the Wizard Class. They range from Tier 1 (Zap, Light Orb, Ignite) to Tier 6 (Chain Lightning). There are multiple tiers of spell with each tier being how much knowledge it takes to cast the spell, which can limit what spells and how often they can be cast during a battle.

Tier Spells
Tier 1 Zap: Magic damage + burns target for 1s

Light Orb: Create orbs to illuminate area

Ignite: Set target’s weapon on fire and +5 additional magic damage and burns enemies

Tier 2 Slow: -40% movement speed of target for 2.5s

Ice Bolt: -15% movement speed of target for 1s and deals magic damage

Tier 3 Haste: +14% in movement speed for 12s

Magic Missile: Fires up to 10 missiles

Tier 4 Fireball: Casts fireball that deals damage and splash damage

Invisibility: +10% movement speed for 4s and target becomes invisible

Lightning Strike: Spell damage after 4s

Tier 6 Chain Lightning: Spell damage that transfers through enemies within 400m and shocks up to 3x

This wraps up our guide on a full list of Arcane Spells available to Wizards in Dark and Darker. We hope this helped you locate the item more readily. Check out more of our Dark and Darker coverage.

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