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A years worth of content for Halo Infinite’s Season 3 has been leaked

Halo Infinite is currently the premiere scene for competitive and casual Halo play online. Seeing thousands of players online each day, it’s little surprise that the game continues to receive support from the Devs in terms of balance updates and new seasonal content added to the game.

For those who can’t wait for new stuff to be added to Halo Infinite, you’re in luck, as a ton of information for this year’s upcoming seasonal content has been allegedly leaked online.

Twitter user @leaks_infinite, which is an account dedicated to credible leaks for Halo Infinite content, summarizes a bunch of new stuff allegedly leaked in the Halo sphere. In the tweet they confirm that the leak is real and advise anyone posting screenshots to delete them.

Because of this, many people who have been posting pictures of the alleged leak have since deleted their posts. One user, who posted images of what was said to be a new map called Crystal Cave, has since wiped their account clean of the posts.

Though advising many people to delete their tweets, @leaks_infinite claims that over 20 new maps are being developed at the moment and that the season will be heavily based around Iratus with Infection possibly being season 3’s main event.

When asked about new weapons coming to Halo this season, Twitter user @Surasia_, another reliable source for Halo leaks, claimed that one new gun will also come to Infinite this season. They claim the gun has “quite the cool animations.”

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